Filming the ‘Contender’ video.

At the end of summer we spent 14 hours in a warehouse in Nottingham filming the video for our track ‘Contender’, here is a few stills from the shoot and some annotation.


This was Grazz about 3 hours in, covered in a mixture of powder paint, ready mixed paint and feathers. Everything we threw at Grazz was a visual and physical representation of the expectations of others you experience in life.


We wrote ‘Contender’ in 2014, the song is about trying to make people think that you are somebody. To date, this is collectively one of our favourite tracks to play live.


About 10 hours in. This shot is Grazz taking a quick break between takes, at this point the wet paint was very cold in an even colder warehouse, this was more than likely after 40 takes of Grazz having the rest of the band covering him paint. This point in the video is where Grazz falls to his knees, it represents the point where the the weight of expectation has got too much.


Grazz smiling. he did have fun.

Watch the full video HERE.

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